Nicolas Cacciabeve MD
Managing Member

Glenn Dickey MD
Senda Beltaifa MD
therese cermak mD
Hamed Elfeky MD
Virginia Galang MD
adria hartman mD
Robert Heaton MD
David Kardon MD
Amir Kende MD
Ellen Manlucu MD
Kausha Patel MD
Mark Samols MD PhD
Ravinder Singh MD
Po Zhao MD, PhD
Amy Deibler PA ASCP
Shelby Bello PA ASCP
Sarah Bowling PA ASCP
Lauren Price PA ASCP
Michael LaFriniere HT ASCP

Accredited, state-of-the-art clinical laboratory and pathology solutions designed to support your patient care and laboratory needs

Advanced Pathology Associates provides a full range of pathology services to:

We bring to each contract the experience and skills of our physician specialists. Using quality metrics benchmarking and shared solutions to common issues, we work with you to meet your needs and provide high-quality, patient-centered and cost-efficient pathology and laboratory services.

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